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Re: PenguinPlay.h

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> s369625@student.uq.edu.au wrote:

> Ok, some comments on your draft:
> 1) It's in HTML, right? I just ask because of the, well, slightly extended
> header ("Indentation ..."), the "<ul> ... <ul>" list and the slightly
> inefficient "#include <PenguinPlay/FileName.h>" ;)
Hmm, can't remember. I seem to remember using <ul> etc... but I must have
forgotten I was writing HTML because I never bothered to test it with 
a browser.  I am starting to make a habit of writing bad HTML.

> 2) "except class members are capForStartOfAllButTheFirstWord. I think this
> is insane because". I agree. It is insane. BTW - I always use the
> AllWordsStartWithCaps version.
Good man.  It's just that the other way seem _so_ standard.

> 3) "_every_ PPlay header file is to be gotten by: #include
> <PenguinPlay/FileName.h>"  and  "So ppgGC is in ppgGC.h. I think this is
> the simplest thing, but most people seem to used small letters, so ppgGC
> would be gc..h."
> I would prefer #include <PenguinPlay/Gfx/gc.h> (or .../GC.h), i.e. resolving
> the prefixes into subdirs.
OK... But I am not sure I like the idea of too many subidrs, if only
because CVS does not let you get rid of them.
> 4) "I suggest maybe "_PF_BASNAME_H" for the file "pfBaseName.h", where pf
> is the prefix." Agreed. One more vote for that.

> 5) "I don't like tabs, they only cause trouble for people with different
> tab stops on thier editors, no matter how hard you try to get it right."
> Hmm, my editor (fte) is using tabs only for indenting at the start of the
> line. Everything else is done via spaces. That way it stays consistent
> regardless of the tab size. At least 95% of the time. And having tabs at
> the start of the line makes editing easier IMHO.
I suggest people use whatever indentation scheme they like.  Actually,
I don't like tabs at the start of a line, but that's my personaly
choice.  It does make editing easier, I admit.