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Re: PenguinPlay IRC meeting (The big one)

Steffen Seeger wrote:

>> Hmmm, we mainly hope for good drivers supporting 3d hardware acceleration
>> (perhaps in combination with LibGGI3D) and Mesa on top of it.
>Guess what I will implement on top of KGI... (X and OpenGL)

Excellent ;)

>> >Just like sharing the CPU between several processes, you can share the graphics
>> >processor between several processes. (If server policy allows you this.)
>> Great. Is this just for 2D or also for 3D (didn't hear much about GGI's 3D
>> support lately)?
>It works for 2D, 3D or 4D :-). It's just several card-specific command screens
>to the card. But you need to have a well designed card to do that safely.

Ahhh, good. How likely is it to find a well designed card in the consumer
market nowadays?


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