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Game Library of the Month

Some more detailed thoughts about the library review thing:

I'd say we pick one library each month (should be a good time frame) and
write a set of 4 or 5 articles about it:

(1) "What is it?"
That's a little overview of the lib, continuously updated during the
reviewing process, so that it starts as just some sentences and ends as a
summary of all the other articles. More or less a "dossier" of the lib

(2) "First Steps"
Here we get the lib, install it, experiment with a bit to get familiar with
it and report how it went. That will result primarily in first impression
notes plus some simple findings on how it behaves, how nice to use it is

(3) "Applying it"
Now we take some game, one we thing the lib would be well suited for, and
modify it to use the lib. That way we get some good data on how it
performs, how usable it is in a "real world" situation.
This should be done in cooperation with the Game Project of the Month (if
we have it by then), because we'll have to dig around in that game to
modify it to use the lib.

(4) "Cooperation is good"
This would be the part where we use the lib in a "reference" game and try
to combine it with some other libs. But I'm not sure anymore whether this
is really neccessary, because Article 3 will already provide us with most
of this info.

(5) "Anatomy Studies"
Here we look throught the library internals and comment on it (things done
especially bad / especially good, presenting some code snippets etc)
BTW-does someone know a better name for this?


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