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SV: SV: Directory

>>Recursion like in the code exceprt at the end of this Email.
> I.e. iteration. Ok.
<Bjarke is wondering why exactly he typed "recursion" when he meant
<Bjarke still is unable to find that gun>

> >IsEmpty() for another porpuse. He most probably ewon't look up
> the docs for
>                        ^^^^^^^
> At least you're consequent at misspelling that ;)
Yes, "suchs" too. I'll really have to do something about that.

> >I was wondering, can I count on ALL dirs to store their data in
> a HashTable
> >for dirs and one for files? That way I can do some optimizations.
> Only the Directory class is storing things, right?
well, yes, in what I've implemented. I just wanted to make sure that no
directory implementations use "rogue" storage mechanisns. It doesn't matter
anyway, though.

> >Oh yeah, and another thing. The File class will also need the virtual
> >SerializeTo() and SerializeFrom() methods.
> Of course ;)
It'll also need SerializeContentTo(). Perhaps it should be
SerializeHeaderTo(), SerializeHeaderFrom() and SerializeContentTo().

> >I was wondering wheter or not it would be a good idea to define a symbol
> >that identifies the compiler being compiled on. Like a PP_COMPILER_GCC or
> >PP_COMPILER_MSVC and then the value of that symbol would be the version
> >number. What do you think of that?
> I thought about that too, but steering clear of compiler specific
> things is much better.
Well, yes... and no. We ARE doing compiler specific things, like longlong
and __int64.