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SV: Game Library of the Month

> (1) "What is it?"
> That's a little overview of the lib, continuously updated during the
> reviewing process, so that it starts as just some sentences and ends as a
> summary of all the other articles. More or less a "dossier" of the lib
So, people get anything that has been found, even before anything is really

> (2) "First Steps"
> Here we get the lib, install it, experiment with a bit to get
> familiar with
> it and report how it went. That will result primarily in first impression
> notes plus some simple findings on how it behaves, how nice to use it is
> etc.

> (3) "Applying it"
> Now we take some game, one we thing the lib would be well suited for, and
> modify it to use the lib. That way we get some good data on how it
> performs, how usable it is in a "real world" situation.
> This should be done in cooperation with the Game Project of the Month (if
> we have it by then), because we'll have to dig around in that game to
> modify it to use the lib.
Excuse my memory, but what exactly is the "Game Project of the Month" ?

And "some game", what kind of game are you thinking about?

> (4) "Cooperation is good"
> This would be the part where we use the lib in a "reference" game and try
> to combine it with some other libs. But I'm not sure anymore whether this
> is really neccessary, because Article 3 will already provide us with most
> of this info.
Article 4 could be included as a part of article 3.

> (5) "Anatomy Studies"
> Here we look throught the library internals and comment on it (things done
> especially bad / especially good, presenting some code snippets etc)
Nice, though I think it would be easy to make mistakes (ie, say something
that is good is bad, or vice versa, because one does not fully understand
the intricacies of the lib).

I think such (notice the spellling! :) an article would set the writers up
to be MAJOR flame-bait... :)

> BTW-does someone know a better name for this?
Well... The best I can do is "Health check", and that's even worse, so no...