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Re: Progress Update

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>And you know what? It doesn't even show up on the profiler, with
>hundreds of files varying between 300 and 300,000 bytes in size,
>"opened" during the course of the game.

Well, as you said before Quadra isn't particularly I/O intensive.

>How much time did you spend total on PenguinFile? At Ludus, one person
>had to work about a grand total of two days on this, including

Well, for a generic library the requirements are a bit different. How well
does your system scale? Would you use in a Quake-size game?

>And it isn't completely lacking, the game can "load" multiple resource
>files, with resources loaded later on replacing those with the same
>identifiers loaded previously, and so on. The game simply load the main
>"quadra.res", then looks for "quadra110.res", then "quadra111.res" (for
>the 1.1.1 version). We only look for resource files of versions
>differing only by the patch level, we do not look for "quadra101.res"
>for example.

Well, choosing which resource files to load is the task of the game, not
the I/O lib.

>It is *fixable*. Maybe we'll have to trash the file format one day, but

Can you simply add support for directories?


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