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SV: Ok...

> > > Aren't they supposed to be just ignored? I might be wrong, but I think
> > > we have some of those in Quadra, and VC++ doesn't puke (well, we *did*
> > > release Quadra, didn't we?)... :-)
> >
> > Perhaps you were using MS VC++ 6.0 ? My version is 5.0.
> We used to use 5.0, but whatever... Anyway, the fact that they stop the
> compilation is close enough to what they are supposed to do... :-)
That sounds a bit weird. I'm pretty positive I haven't forgot the version of
my MSVC... The auto syntax coloring system doesn't pick up on #warning, and
the preprocessor won't know of it either.

Perhaps there is a patch that adds that functionality?

> > First Email sent through the newsgroup rather than Email, so
> lets see if it
> > works... :)
> You are sure? I can see an "Old-To:" header with some text in it in
> addition to the mailing list address (added by the gateway)...
Yes, I'm sure. Of course its possible I've suddenly contracted Multiple
Person Disorder and my other personality intercepted the response before it
got sent and made it an email instead. But, outside of that case, I'm sure.

> The message isn't threaded correctly, but at least, it has a "Re:" in
> the subject instead of an "RV:", which made it go with related messages
> at least. This is an improvement!
Are you sure its not your mail reader having a problem?