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SV: SV: Phew...

> >> All implemented in src/ppUtils.cpp
> >> Did you compile and link that?
> >>
> >No. You placed it in src/, so I missed it. Shouldn't that be
> with the global
> >headers?
> In the header dir? No. It's part of the library implementation.
Ah, ok, that makes sense then.

> >have a go at that, mostly because I can't debug anything if that isn't
> >working...
> Right. There's some things required here:
> (1) URLInfo::ToPlain () has to be modified to modify the path to a proper
> DOS-style one if neccessary. Add a
> #if defined(PP_SYS_OS_UNIX)
>  // the code where the comment says "that's all for Unix"
> #elsif defined(PP_SYS_OS_WIN32)
>  return ToPlainDos () // new method
> #else
>   // we have a problem...
> #endif
> at the bottom of the method
Why make a seperate method for that? The functionality of turning into an
MS-DOS style path is only ever used in ToPlain(): That's what ToPlain() DOES
(in a Windows build).

> (2) URLInfo::ToVirt () has to be modified to modify the path from
> DOS-style
> to Unix-style if neccessary. Analog to (1)

> (3) The parameter-taking constructor and URLInfo::Init () have to be
> modified to take an additional parameter bool IsNativePath (default value
> false) indicating that the path is a plainfs path in native format.
Ok. Are we going to store this value, or just use it once?

> URLInfo::ParseBasics also has to be modified to (1) don't try to determine
> the fstype from a DOS-style path and (2) recognize whether the path is
> absolute or relative.

> >btw, what do you think of using the standrad library method
> _stat() instead
> >of the POSIX-specific stat()? I believe the struct _stat _stat() gives
> >contains all the information we need (?).
> There is no standard library method _stat (). Otherwise my compiler would
> find it and my docs would contain some note about it.
Hmm... Bad docs I have, then. They don't say anywhere that these calls
aren't standard library calls, and they even mention standard library calls.

> I replaced the _stat () calls with calls to StatPlain () (implemented in
> Unix.cpp and Win32.cpp, declared in System.h).

> Ok, I applied the fixes and the thing still compiles fine ;)

Does it build for you? If yes, what happens when you run it? Well, ok,
nothing, but what happens if you implement a main() and try to create a pak?

> The modified code is in ftp now.
Hmm... I *know* there was something I wanted to say to you about the new
directory structure for CVS, but I simply have no clue as to what it was.
That really irritates me...