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Re: SV: PFile notes

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>Sorry for having been quiet for a few days. Me and a couple of my friends
>got together for non-stop gaming... Not much sleep, but great fun... :)

Ahhh, ok. excellent excuse ;)

>> (1) in PakFile::Umount () some code is commented out, with a note
>> "uncomment when new sync scheme is in place" or so. Well, we *do*
>> have that
>> sync code now, right? Can you take care of that (I don't know what calls
>> are needed there) ?
>I'd love to do it, but...
>A) "new sync scheme" ? Synchronization for what, exactly? Cached writes?

Ooops, sorry. <WHACK>. Not "sync" but "serialization"

>B) What exactly makes me more qualified for this? (Perhaps you think I wrote
>that comment? I didn't)

Hmmmmmm, <looking>, right, the comment's from me. But you commented out the
code it refers to.

>> (2) Is there a good reason that Directory::Add (Directory*) does not call
>> SetParent () for the added dir? I have some problems getting mounting to
>> work because of this...
>I don't see any.



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