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Re: SV: Some notes

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:
>> (2) Bjarke, I noticed some oddities in your PFile code:
>>   * Both Directory and File should be derived from DirEntry according to
>>     some code snippets, but they aren't
>Hmm... Really? Hmm... The reason probably is that I haven't really touched
>DirEntry very much, and I therefore completely forgot about it. Dumb
>Hmm... How on earth does that compile, then? I must be doing some casts
>somewhere. Ugly.

Yup, the compiler-doesnt-check-anything style ones (Direntry *) instead of
static_cast<DirEntry *>
Directory::GetEntry () is an example.

>> How much time do you have currently btw? You're so quiet...
>Actually, I'm off from school right now, so I have plenty of time.

Cool :)


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