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Re: I'm back

Peter Burns wrote:
>>* How well is RTTI supported by Win32 compilers? AFAIK gcc 2.95 doesn't
>>have problems with it (and some little tests have been positive here),
>>but if it opens up portability problems we should ban it for now.
>I've never actually used it so I'm not sure how well its supported.
>In MS Visual C++ 6.0 I think its disabled by default.
>Send me the little tests and I'll be able to confirm that it works

A very primitive one is attached. The output should read
APtr is of type A
APtr is of type B

I haven't used RTTI up to now, so I find it hard to construct a complex
test case, but with full warnings enabled this one should already give good


PS: Sorry for my rather long response times. I'm still struggling with my
mailbox and the slashdot news, have to spend some time on my little job,
some other obligations are calling and the PPlay goals thing is giving me
some headaches. 
Besides that Civ:CTP arrived while I was away and, you know the 
situation ;+) Such games make for very short nights...


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