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Coding Convention

I think we need to get a more precise wording on when its ok to use
templates, and what kind of templates its ok to use.

Class-member-templates are not supported by MS VC++ 5.0 (they they are in
version 6.0). But all other template-types are, except for template
specialization (atleast, I haven't got it to work).

It's my impressions that function templates are the most supported template
type, followed by class templates. I think we should either agree on using
these whenever its a good idea. However, other template types might be
another matter.

In any case, I think we should agree on what we are going to use, and what
we are not going to use. If just one guy uses a certain feature, a person
with a compiler without this feature will not be able to compile PenguinPlay
as a whole. This means that if just one guy uses a certain feature, we might
just as well all use it, as it won't make a difference compiler

Hmm... ?