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[RANT] What's up ???

<rant attributes="big,important">

What's up with you, guys? I try to reform PPlay, try to give it concrete
goals again, try to turn it into a useful project with a good change to
succeed - and face (almost) complete agony on this list.

Please don't tell me you don't care what happens with PPlay - it affects
you all. 
Please don't tell me "Do what you want, I'll just continue coding on my
part" because that's simply not possible! If I go on with my plans almost
every aspect of PPlay will be changed - you won't be able to ignore that.

If you hate the new plans - come on, flame me.
If you agree with everything - send a mail just saying "I agree".
If you don't know what to think about it yet - say so, and say what your
  concerns are.

I can't help it - If I don't get any feedback on this issue I have to
assume that you're either dead or not imterested anymore and thus I have to
continue PP as my personal little project!

I know changes are unpleasant. I know it takes some time to really grasp
them - I face this very problem myself.
But fact is that PPlay simply can't continue as before, with just some
people silently coding away independently and slowly. PP has to adapt to
the changed situation out there or it will silently die. Soon.


Ok, now just to shock you a bit more here's another radical change I want
to perform:
As it stands now the CVS repository contains tons of obsolete stuff and is
still structured according to the original PPlay goals, which is completely
inappropriate even if we do decide to just continue as before.
Furthermore when the Coding Standard is ratified half of the PSound files
(*.hpp), half of the PFile files (*.cc) and half of the P2D files (*.cc)
have to be renamed. Which is ugly with CVS.
So we should make a tarball of the current repository (for history
preservation), completely *dump* it (the repository) and create a fresh new
one, just containing the healthy parts of PPlay.


PS: Excuses for not sending a reply will *not* be accepted. If you don't
have time to write something big right now, then reply "I don't have time
for a real reply right now, but it's top priority tomorrow evening".
But *do not* stay quiet!


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