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Re: Memory allocators

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:
>>In other words, auto_ptr light ;)
>>I guess I'll write such a thing (or you do, as I have quite little time ;)
>No problem. I'll do it. When will you need it?

I won't be able to do *any* coding until the weekend - likely even until
after the weekend, so it's not urgent. Besides I first want to do the other
changes (hashing code + URLs, then custom allocators) before. Well, perhaps
including the auto_ptr stuff *before* the custom allocators is better...

>>Right. I didn't think about namespaces. We already thought about putting
>>all internal PPlay code into a namespace - what is the general feeling
>>about that?
>Well, as you migth have figured out, I'm all for it :)
>Perhaps having just one namespace is a better idea, I'm not sure.

I'd say just one namespace (PenguinPlay) for all internals. The API should
be outside the namespace to make things simpler for the user and because
some APIs (e.g. the PFile one) have to be accessible from plain C (which
doesn't know about namespaces).


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