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Re: Build Options

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>I think perhaps it would be a good idea to have a single header file into
>which all custumisation that is dependant on preprocessor symbols can be
>For example, the allocators I've been coding can align along 32 bit border,
>64 bit borders or disregard alignment all-together. This is controlled by
>pre-processor symbols. Right now, these symbols are declared right in the
>implementation of the allocater. That's not very practical.
>It would be alot better to have all these kinds of pre-processor symbols
>defined in one header.

That'd be PenguinPlay.h or the proper "part" when we split it up. Just give
me a code snippet with these defines and I'll include it during the
PenguinPlay.h cleanup.

>I've used this convention to name mine:


The OPT_ part is not neccessary, but besides that it's fine.


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