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So the new agenda for PPlay is to round up all the libs out there and list
their strengths and drawbacks. There hasn't been any major objections from
anyone about this (I have a bad memory, I didn't forget something, right?).

Well, if that is the case, I propose we do something about it! Someone
should be set up as the coordinator for that, and we should get some people
on a team doing that. There really isn't very much to plan in this regard...
Atleast not to gather the information.

Anyways, I suspect that the people behind the various libs will be *more*
than happy to write up a little short review of their lib, what it does, how
well it does it and what the future plans are. We would then only really
need to put up the review, which we don't have to write, together with a
link to the lib. Only thing left is an index page. Minimum effort (track
each lib down, send 'em an email and put it on the server) and a substantial
result in that we get alot of content for free.

Now, of course, since the reviews are written by the people who are working
on the libs *themselves*, this in some or most cases won't be a very
objective review. However, I really do doubt anyone wold resort to downright
lying. And, really, who better knows a lib than the folks who wrote it?

Then the next stage, of course, is to write reviews of the libs that are not
written by people directly affiliated with the libs (except perhaps as
users). Asking people to send in their experience with a lib might also be a
major source of quality information if we get enough visitors.

Now, perhaps I'm not the best to suggest this, since I wouldn't be very good
at suchs a job (except perhaps as coordinator and html-coder, but then I
suspect other people will be better suited for that). But, well, I just
don't see the obstacles keeping PPlay from moving forward on this. If
something can be done now, then why wait for tomorrow?

If no one on in the current PPlay wants to do something like this, then we
should IMHO tell people that we are looking for help. Only in this regard,
though; I don't think we will want to talk about our other projects untill
we have something to show people (hey, we have this cool thing, it doesn't
work, but eventually it'll do all these cool things! Oh? You heard that
before? How this is different from all the other projects you've heard
about? Oh, well, it'll do all these cool things! Really! we're serious! Hey,
come back here! Damn...)

On another note, if this part of PPlay is succesfull, it might reflect
beneficially on the other parts of PPlay with a nice boost of credibility
and interest.

What do everyone think?