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Re: source file locations

>Right now most of the source files are in src/somedir (e.g.
>src/PenguinSound), but a few (the global utility code, like the debugging
>functions) are directly in src/ (only src/ppUtils.cpp yet).
>Peter, does this create problems with automake?

I'm not sure. It might cause a bit of inconvenience.
I'm not sure exactly how to get automake to build one library using
several directories of source.  I've never done that before. I'm
sure it can be done though.

You can do the same things that you can do in a normal makefile or
in a makefile.am since the stuff from the makefile.am gets placed
in the makefile.in which autoconf places in the makefile. So if we
really need to we can just place what you would do in the normal
makefile in the makefile.am.

automake works by taking the special variables you declare in
the makefile.am and using them to generate the makefile.in.
eg. To get the sources needed to build a target it looks for a variable
call target_SOURCES. It then sets up the target and the dependecies
for its sources in the makefile.in.