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Sv: Library/Tool database

>ID number
>Current version
>Current version's release notes
>Date of last update
>Download location [what about mirrors?]
Well, provide several links, one to each location.

We should be able to rely on the lib developers to update us if mirror
information changes.

>Short description
>Library author's comment [?]
I think its better to do this as a seperate article. See below. If its too
short to be an article, then probably, its either not very interesting or
already covered in the short description or the current versions release

>Supported platforms (Hw/OS combinations) [incl. comments (port status
>  etc)]
>Underlying libraries [incl. comments] User comments
>Feature list [see below]
>Links to games using it [?? Link to happypenguin ??]

How about links to all articles related to this lib? I mean, wouldn't it be
best to have this information together with the rest of the information on
the lib? If the author(s) of a lib has some special comments, this could be
implemented as a document related to the lib.

>* Users of the libraries are encouraged to post comments, descriptions of
>their experiences etc. If possible via some web form or automatic mail
>processing system, so that we just have to look at it from time to time to
>remove the troll entries.
I think we'd want to have also in-depth reviews. it would probably be a good
idea to say "comments, descriptions and experiences go here", "in-depth
articles/reviews are always more than welcome: mail here". Its a small
thing, but I think it would encourage more people to write in-depth

>* Group 2 of us (working on PenguinPlay grounds) performs specific tests on
>(some of) the libs, e.g. trying to use as many of them in a single game to
>see if any conflicts arise, taking a critical look on their compilation and
>installation behavior or using them in weird configurations.
>I don't know exactly how we'll do this - perhaps with some "Game Library of
>the Month" thing similar to the "Game Project of the Month" ??
Ok, like creating one or two games, then porting it to all the different
libs? That would IMHO be kind of cool.