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Re: automake

Peter Burns wrote:

>I did a bit of work on the automake scripts for penguinplay
>and placed the result, PenguinPlay-0.0.0.tar.gz, into ftpspace.

Ok, some comments:

* The old build system defined PP_DEBUG and PP_DEBUGLEVEL (to 8) by default.
This is needed to enable evaluation of the debugging macros. I now simply
defined them directly in PenguinPlay.h until we have a proper solution
(configure cmdline flag would be best IMHO)

* Interestingly the fact that PP_DEBUGLEVEL was undefined revealed a bug in
the definition of ppThrow in debug.h. Fixed.

* Our PPlay code is not under the GPL, so I replaced the text in COPYING
with a short explanation and a reference to LICENSE

* ppUtils.cpp was missing from the archive. I included it now, but it's not
targeted by the build system yet.

* The file STATUS is unneccessary now as we need a ChangeLog file anyway.
Removed it.

* Some of the files in the archive (Makefile.in, configure, more?) are
generated by automake/autoconf and thus shouldn't be in CVS. I'm not
completely sure which ones can be safely removed - can you do that?

* I added a macro ppError () for reporting errors that were most likely
caused by the user (e.g. invalid args to API functions)

I uploaded my modified version of the thing to ftpspace
It contains the modifications mentioned above plus a completely broken
PFile (I'm in the middle of adapting the code to the new URL code as well
as the reorganized headers & testing it - and that will take some more

>At the moment sleep looks more inviting than going in and 
>fixing this.



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