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SV: SV: SV: Progress Update

> Also, not counting the incredible irony of a Linux developer using
> Outlook for e-mail,
Well, I'm also a WIN32 developer. I'm running a dual-boot system. Not that
I'm particularly fond of windows, but Outlook works fine for me...

> could you get a MUA that doesn't wreck threading
> information?
I've been completely and utterly unable to get my ISDN modem working under
Linux, and I'm not aware of any good email programs for Windows that
interface properly with MS Explorer... Netscape just isn't the same thing,
sorry to say... (I wish it wasn't true :_(

> Just an idea like that, because I tried to get into the communication by
> reading the newsgroup, and this "Progress Update" thread for example was
> all over the place, with "SV: " added multiple times...
I'm not sure, but I think that's a general problem. I got up-to-speed with
the archive too, and I had the same problem. It might be correct that it is
Outlook making problems, though...

> I guess "SV" must be something relative to your native language, but it
> would be nice if you could change that to "Re: " (must be somewhere in
> the configuration)
Perhaps it is, but one should think it would be under "E-mail settings",
then, and it isn't...

I'll look into it and see if its really not possible to fix this.

"sv" is short for "svar" which in danish means "answer", which leads to

> and prevent it from adding it multiple times. It
> wouldn't thread properly, but at least our MUA could put all the
> relevant messages togethers...
Hmm... Well, I'll see what I can do.

> Just a suggestion, don't take it in an offensive way...
Not at all. Thanks for making me aware of the problem with the threading.