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[pygame] BUG: pygame 1.9.1 extraneous output


Unless I've built 1.9.1 wrong, it looks like there are several executable (debug-type) printf() statements embedded in joystick.c ... the test code below shows the output from one of them - it's pretty rudimentary, plug in a joystick first!

The problem shows up running Python 2.5.2 under Ubuntu 8.10.

I didn't see any references to these in the list archives up to August 9, so I'll apologize in advance if they've already been reported.


# ----------------------- code follows ----------------------
#!/usr/bin/env python

simple test case to show bug in file src/joystick.c in pygame 1.9.1 -
extraneous printf()

get axis 0 value some number of times - note that "SDL_JoystickGetAxis
value:0:" is output to the terminal window each time the function is

It looks like there are a number of other executable printf()
statements in the same module, as well


import pygame as PG

print "Pygame version",PG.ver
Js = PG.joystick.Joystick(0)
for i in range(10):
    Dummy = Js.get_axis(0)

# ------------------------- code precedes ----------------------