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[pygame] Re: Adding a new extension to the Windows compilation order

I've determined I am supposed to use config_win.py, by checking the .pyc files.

Now, I've added this:

dep = Dependency('FFMPEG', [r'avformat\.dll', r'swscale\.dll', r'SDL_mixer-[1-9].*'], ['avformat', 'swscale', 'SDL_mixer'], required=0)
DEPS.dlls.append(DependencyDLL(r'avformat\.dll|swscale\.dll|SDL_mixer-[1-9].*', link=dep, libs=['avformat', 'swscale', 'SDL_mixer']))

Is that correct?

I'm getting an error from python setup.py build --compiler=mingw32 which says basically, that it can't find any dlls. How am I supposed to run it?


On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Tyler Laing <trinioler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Exactly as the title says. How do I add a new extension to compile to the windows compilation order for pygame? I know Setup.in needs the modification, which it does. But I also know that one of the config files needs to be modified. In config_unix.py, I use:

Dependency('FFMPEG', 'libavformat/avformat.h', 'libavformat.a', ['avformat', 'swscale', 'SDL_mixer']),    

and it works.

Do I modify config_win.py or config_msys.py? And what do I do to add to it? Obviously, I need to somehow tell it to target the three necessary dlls.


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Visit my blog at http://oddco.ca/zeroth/zblog