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Re: [pygame] pygame trunk at 1.9.2pre - merging gsoc projects into trunk


Cool.  All gsoc projects should now start merging into trunk.  Since
it's very near the end of each project(some projects may be going on a
bit longer due to different schedules or breaks taken by students).

Merging into trunk will let more people test your code, and try it out
on different platforms.

We can fix any problems that come up in trunk.

Here's a note from Leslie (gsoc coordinator) regarding the pencils down dates:

>If you/your student has not yet completed work by 17 August, that's
>totally fine - s/he can continue writing code up until the 24 August
>deadline. All final evaluations should be based on work students have
>completed up until the 24 August deadline.

>In years past, we had many questions from students about whether they
>could submit their code samples including work they completed after
>the 24 August deadline, as we do not begin collecting code samples
>until 3 September (instructions forthcoming). It's perfectly fine to
>include code written post-deadline in the code sample, but all
>evaluations are to be based on work done up until 24 August, not

The gsoc timeline is here:

This week is marked as a week for cleaning everything up, writing
documentation, finalising it in preparation for submission to
google/PSF.  It would be nice if the gsoc projects were merged into
trunk before the end of the firm pencils down date, if only so the
students can say that 'my branch has been merged into the mainline
trunk of the project'.