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Re: [pygame] is there a way to optimize this code?

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Hugo Arts <hugo.yoshi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is definitely true, however if you keep the amount of snow
particles constant but increase the resolution
you will see big performance hits. There is a classic performance
trade-off, with solution number 1 being independent of the screen
resolution and solution two being independent of the number of
particles. The right approach definitely depends on the use case, and
I think it's definitely worth trying both and comparing them.
I just realized, solution two might actually be better.  It will start out much faster, and it's speed will converge to the speed of solution 1 as the number of particles increases.  If you really wanted to get fussy, particles that have hit the ground could be dropped out of the simulation--something that's impossible with solution one.  Also, instead of computing the ground, a simple array of height values could be substituted, so that each particle tests against that.  Of course, all this would have to be implemented intelligently; i.e., clever numpy tricks.

The most overkill solution is to use the GPU.  A simple framebuffer object and shader could update and draw all the particles basically instantly. 
It's an interesting example of how different algorithms lead to vastly
different performance characteristics.
With the same visual result.