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[pygame] Numeric wireless keyboard

I have a question on keyboard, about an issue we have.

We develop a pygame application on a desktop, using Ubuntu 7.10.  But
target is an embedded ARM board, runing a custom made linux distro, base
on Debian (kernel 2.4).  So far, we managed to make application works on
both platforms.

But now we're trying final setup, using a Logitech wireless numeric
keyboard (pruduct number : 920-000217).

The Pygame application works this wireless keyboard on Ubuntu 7.10.
The Pygame application doesn't work with this wireless keyboard on
embedded ARM platform.

But, keyboard works fine on embedded ARM platform, in a text editor, or
at command line.  So the custom Linux distro detect the USB dongle and
keyboard works fine.  But only Pygame application on embedded ARM
doesn't work with  this keyboard.

Do you have any suggestion to help me debug this problem ?