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[pygame] 3D transform feature request

Here's another one:

I was very glad to find rotozoom.  It didn't occur to me
to look for rotozoom as such.  I looked for a general
transform function with which to create the rotozoom
effect.  Now that I found rotozoom, my immediate need
is resolved, but it occurs to me that one might need
more general capability.

What would be nice is a transform function that takes
an arbitrary 3x3 matrix to operate on a 2 dimensional
image (rotozoom is a special case).  The matrix argument
should accept either a numpy matrix or a list of three lists
of three numbers.

I know pygame is designed to be easy for beginners,
and transform matrices are an advanced concept, but it
wouldn't make pygame harder for beginners any more than
the regular expression module makes python harder for
beginners.  Besides, once the general case is handled,
one could easily add helper functions for stretch, skew,

Just supporting a few more transforms (without the
general case) would be an inferior solution  One of the
advantages of transformation matrices is that they can
by combined in series (matrix multiplication) into a
single transform matrix.

- Ken

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