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Re: [pygame] Announce: py3d.org - python and 3d.

 --- Richard Jones <richardjones@optushome.com.au>
wrote: > On Sun, 15 Dec 2002 02:17 am, Rene Dudfield
> > http://py3d.org/ - python and 3d graphics.
> >
> > A place for python and 3d stuff.
> Excellent - I've already added some info to the wiki
> on optimisation hints.

Good idea.

> > http://py3d.org/py3d.tar.gz
> >
> > Including the beginnings of spritegl, an
> > implementation of pygame.sprite which uses
> pyopengl.
> > There is a chimp.py in there which uses it.
> The scope described in the py3d.org wiki make it
> sound like you wish to write 
> your own opengl-alike. The above indicates you're
> actually just using opengl. 
> I think it'd help if you put up a clear scope for
> what you're trying to 
> achieve.

Good point.  

Using opengl, and making some other tools.  

Basically anything to do with 3d + python.  eg, some
things will be useful for blender, and maybe crystal
space.  Making things useable by themselves, in
different frameworks will be a goal I think.

There's allready quite a bit of 3d python code
floating around.  So another goal would be to guide
people those various resources.

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