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Re: [pygame] Windows/Pygame Package

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 09:44:36AM +0800, campbell barton wrote:
> Is there a simple package that windows users can download, containing python, SDL, SDL-Image..., Numeric and pygame- All the files needed to run most pygame based games.
> I ask this because I have had emails asking if I have an exe of my game, It would be nice to say 'go to the pygame website, download the windows pygame runtime files and you can play my game' - or whatever
> At the moment have to say 'get python, SDL, SDL-Imaging, SDL-Mixer, Numeric, pygame and your set'
> People who are seriously interested in game dev, might do this but most people won't
> I dont have windows so I can't make an exe myself.

IIRC, the Windows binary package (the self-installing EXE) contains either DLLs or a statically-linked version of all 
the SDL things.  So it's not quite as complicated as all that; plus, one could probably easily produce a chain-loading 
installer that would run the Python installer, followed by the Pygame installer, followed by the Numeric one.

Possibly.  There might be details that escape my attention, but it's a theory :)

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