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Re: [pygame] Pygame > 1.5 as deb?

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Lee Harr wrote:

>> >good news all! i've packaged everything together for pygame-1.5.5.
>>Anyone have any idea when pygame will be updated in Debian?
>Have you tried just building it with python distutils? It is usually
>pretty quick and painless:
>python setup.py build
>python setup.py install

Compiling is not difficult. It's actually never been difficult to compile
Pygame. It's *not* *me* that we're worried about here, it's the Debian

>It won't be registered with your system's packages, but it seems
>like you did not have that before either. Not much to lose, if
>it is not working at all now....

It's the fact that users *have* to download some weird package and compile
it. How many users will do that? 10% maybe? So you immediately exclude at
least 90% of all potential users for that distro if there is no packages
of the dependencies.

Actually I had 1.5 installed before too, then just installed a CVS version
over the obsolete version. So there was a "pygame" package in my system,
but it wasn't 1.5 it was 1.5.2 or something like that.

How may would actually try Pygame if there were no packages for your
distro for Python, SDL, ttf, X11 etc? Yeah, not many.

Oh well, I don't really develop for the users, I develop for own fun, but
having a few users means that you can get a few more bug reports. A few
more bug reports is a few bugs less and more enjoyment for myself. 


   Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.
                                            -- Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms

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