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Re: [pygame] pygame.init()

Urmas Eero wrote:
platform is rh8.0 ( mostly up2date .. )
when pygame.init() is called, it just hangs
no errors or anything, and i can't figure out, what is wrong with it :(
hmm, well i suppose we should start with the usual suspects.
first, do any other regular SDL programs work on your machine? the problem is most likely in initializing the display portion of pygame.

if you initialize the pygame modules independently you will get exceptions on any errors. unfortunately this won't catch a hung process. try running the 'sound.py' example from pygame, since it only initializes the mixer module in pygame.

also, try just running "pygame.display.init()" from python. my guess is it will hang like before, but i'm not really sure what's getting stuck, and maybe it will toss you a nice exception?

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