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[pygame] pygame.display.set_mode() hangs on Kobo Touch

Hi all,

I recently got pygame working on my Kobo Touch, an ereader running Linux. However, there's one big problem:
pygame.display.set_mode() hangs until I press CTRL+C, after which pygame runs fine. The problem has
something to do with the kobo's GUI, because if I kill it before starting pygame, I have no problems.

when I monitored python with strace I found that pygame was being held up on the ioctl VT_WAITACTIVE,
after it opened /dev/tty2. The file src/video/fbcon/SDL_fbevents.c of SDL's source code makes the
call VT_WAITACTIVE, but even if I compile SDL with VT_WAITACTIVE commented out and build pygame
with that SDL, pygame still calls that ioctl somehow.

The fact that I can press CTRL+C and have pygame run fine seems to imply that VT_WAITACTIVE isn't
really doing anything important in my case, right?

Any ideas on a solution?