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Re: [pygame] potential logo

Here is my $0.02:

I like the logo. I can certainly envisage it on T-shirts and car bumpers,
(oh... and game splash screens) which is probably a good thing.

The incorporation of the "Python powered" logo is nice.

I think the round shape is good. IMHO there is a glut of little squareish
logos at the moment, and this is a departure from that.

The text is clear and easy to read.

My only criticism is that "python game development" might be more readily
interpreted as "pygame.org is a site about game development with Python",
and less like "pygame is a game programming library for Python." But that
may not matter-- it could draw in the uninitiated, and once you're initiated
you know what it means anyway.

Dominic Cooney

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> i've dabbled with some artwork today and come up with what
> might become the new pygame logo. i'll likely sit on it for
> awhile and see how i feel about it. take a look and feel free
> to enhance it.
> http://www.pygame.org/ftp/contrib/pygame.png
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