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Re: [pygame] stackless

> Does pygame even have an embedded Python? - I thought
> it was just an extension module for whatever py one
> dsesired to use, including stackless.

correct. pygame will use whatever python shared library is on
the system. stackless python is a drop-in replacement for the
python shared library. for example, on windows you can just
replace the python20.dll with the stackless version and you
are now running stackless python.

the stackless website claims a 8-10% speedup for python code.

just for kicks i decided to try running solarwolf with stackless
python and see where things stood. the end result looked to be
about a 4% speedup for solarwolf. just a couple frames per second.
again, most of pygame code is actually just waiting for the SDL
functions to return.

anyways, the good news is that stackless python seems to run
solarwolf perfectly, even down to the multithreaded image loading.

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