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Re: [pygame] potential logos

In article <007701c0ef85$d130d0a0$0200a8c0@petebox> you wrote:
> well, i'm still not sold on anything. i think its time to
> try a couple different avenues.  :/
> http://www.pygame.org/ftp/contrib/logos/testthem.html

Brr. The bottom two (the slightly misshapen ones) are weird. It's not
enough unlike a circle to look OK, I don't think, it just hurts my eyes
when they try to resolve the logo as a circle and fail :)

I'm coming around to the idea of having all the info in the logo -- I'm
still not convinced, though, since I believe that a logo shouldn't need
accompanying text (even text that's *part* of the logo). You should be
able to see and recognise the logo purely from its shape, without
having to have loads of description, which would mean that it could, at
most, incorporate the word "pygame". Look at, say, the MS Windows logo,
or KDE, or IBM, or AT&T -- you can recognise them instantly without
having to have loads of text describing what it's all about. I suppose
that this is a theoretical goal rather than an absolute requirement,
mind ;-)


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