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Re: [pygame] pyui image scaling.

> Somebody mentioned an image scaling routine in pyui,
> but I can't find it.  On investigating the test code I
> see that the hongkong.jpg is clipped rather than
> scaled.  Time to look at rotozoom or a Numeric plugin
> to interpolate across arrays.

here's what is in pygame CVS right now...

there is a new transform module which allows rotating,
scaling, and flipping images. the rotation and scale
are not filtered, but they are nice and efficient.

also, just yesterday i put an initial hook in for 
SDL_rotozoom. the transform module now has a "rotozoom"
function which does filtered rotation and scaling in
one pass. it is there and working, but be prepared for
the interface to change a bit. i'm still doing a little
work with the SDL_rotozoom author (andreas) to get some
last things finalized.

also note that if you are updating from a previous CVS
version of pygame you will need to remake your Setup file,
the compile line for the transform module has changed.

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