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[pygame] Introducing Pyzzle

Now that I have got my sound probs fixed its time to intoduce my project:

Pyzzle is a Myst/riven style game engine I am currently working on. It will 
eventually be used for a  full blown adventure game that i've got cooking 
away which is codenamed "MadTV" (no title real title yet). I'll be talking 
about MadTV more in the future.

I'm finding working with python and pygame a real pleasure. Python's sintax 
works with not against you as C's sometimes does and the pygame models are 
clear and easy to implement. Thanks to all involved, they rock.

Since I'm new to pygame and game developing I thought id ask you how to go 
about coding Myst style interface. Which really just is lots (100s) of pics 
with there own hot spots and some simple logic for the puzzles. That's a vast 
over simplification, you have all played Myst so you know what's involved. 
Any ideas?

Enough said.


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