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[pygame] event libraries

Hi everybody,

I know there are a lot of event libraries out there. SOme that
are nice, some that aren't. Well I've finally (wasn't that
hard) written a PyGameManager for my event library and have
posted it up o n http://www.pygame.org/ under Libraries.

See: http://www.pygame.org/projects/9/382/?release_id=642

Please have a play and read the documentation: pydoc pymills
I'd love it if pygame programmers could try this out in
their games/apps and see what they think. Feedback is welcome!

Check out teh example in examples/pygamex.py

PyMills Homepage: http://trac.shortcircuit.net.au/pymills/
PyPi Entry: http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/pymills/3.2.1-2007020402
Git Web: http://git.shortcircuit.net.au/?p=pymills.git;a=summary
Git URI: git://git.shortcircuit.net.au/pymills.git/


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