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Re: [pygame] Photoshop For Image Mapping

Kris Schnee wrote:

> it's
> important to have exact control over the pixels. But Photoshop is being
> too smart for me! When I select an area of an image and try to fill it
> in with one color, I get fancy shading regardless of what I do with
> layers. When I want (0,255,0,255), I don't want variable translucent
> green at the edges of a landmass!

Hm, I don't see that effect - what are your feathering settings? It sounds
like there's a Photoshop option that's defaulting to giving you an
antialias effect.

Another thing you could try is to use an indexed mode as you edit the map
- if there are only two colors in your palette, Photoshop will have a hard
time doing anything fancy.

-Dave LeCompte