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[pygame] Re: Pygame 1.7.1 for Python 2.5 and BMP

I think it's a problem with the SDL DLLs provided with the version for python 2.5, I just replace the one in python 2.5 by the one in 2.4 and it's now working...

Syphius@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:


Thanks for responding,
In python 2.4 I just install pygame, and in python 2.5 too. And when I execute :
pygame.image.load(filename) with python 2.5 and pygame 1.7.1 for Python 2.5 (downloaded in the official site), I get :
"Compressed BMP files not supported"
And it's working with pygame 1.7.1 for Python 2.4.

My system is Windows XP SP2. I use python 2.4.4 and python 2.5...

Rikard Bosnjakovic writes:

On 3/30/07, Syphius@xxxxxxxxxxxx <Syphius@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know what is a RLE-compressed BMP?

Run-Length Encoding, it's a kind of compression for BMP-images.
Probably for GIFs as well, but I dont have any first hand facts for

And Why does this is working with the python 2.4 version ?

You have not mentioned anything about what system you are on, what
pygame libraries you have installed, which libraries you don't have
installed, what you had installed when it worked with python 2.4, etc.

Unfortunately we are not mind readers, so we cannot guess your setup
and why it won't work for you. If you provide us with more details, we
will get a better grip of what might have gone wrong or missing.

-- - Rikard - http://bos.hack.org/cv/