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[pygame] Participating in GSOC

Hello pygamers,

my name is Michael Zöller. I'm 26 and live in Germany. I've been using
pygame since 2006 in various projects, the most ambitious of them being
the SAVAGE adventure game engine we've been working on for the Fate of
Atlantis 2 project (http://sf.net/projects/savage).

Reading through the pygame projects list for the 2009 SOC I've read many
interesting suggestions, but the one that immediately caught my eye is
the need for a rewrite of the pygame website. I've set up numerous sites
using many different technologies and know how to create appealing,
accessible and easily maintainable sites. I did use raw python for a web
project in the past, but have usually used the django web framework, an
elegant python-based solution for web applications. Django would be a
perfect choice for the pygame pages but I'm certainly open for other

I quess the most important goal of a SOC project like this is to get a
beautiful, working and maintainable webapp finished quickly, with the
important features working as expected - and saving the optional
features for the end of the schedule. The suggested list of features for
the new pages seems quite reasonable to me. I'll sit down tomorrow and
sketch out a rough timeline.

Oh, and here is a list of some of the sites I've designed and implemented:

    http://www.amberfisharts.com (django)
    http://www.marblefaun.com (django)
    http://www.hansdieterbahr.de (php)
    http://www.klassarch.uni-tuebingen.de (CMS Fiona)

Apart from the AmberfishArts page I'm not responsible for any of the
content :-)

Hoping to hear from some of you. I'd love to create this new site for
the pygame project and I have a lot of time to spare this summer.