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[pygame] Image Caching fatal error

I've been having some problems with pygame and python on OS X, but from reading the list, I've kind of expected it. :-) Sorry about the length of this in advance, but I've been stuck and don't know what else to do.

I have Python 2.3 compiled and installed.  The installer quits while trying to build the IDE because it can't find the waste module.  I downloaded Waste 2.1b1 and have tried making symlinks to it in src, mac, mac/OS X, modules, mac/modules and it tells me that it can't find module waste.

Python scripts seem to run fine though, and I installed pygame 1.5.3...when I try and run pygame scripts (by double clicking them through PythonLauncher or using the terminal myself) it gives me this:

WARNING!  Running pygame apps from any method other than through python.app (aka through the finder or launchservices) is UNSUPPORTED!
          If you insist on using the terminal, type "open /Users/jmfrankli/Desktop/pyddr-0.5.6/pyddr.py", and hold down the option key if you need to
          specify additional command line arguments.  A dialog box will pop up and make you happy, I promise.

          I sure hope you ran as "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin/python /Users/jmfrankli/Desktop/pyddr-0.5.6/pyddr.py" exactly, otherwise you will really have problems.
          WindowServer doesn't like what you're doing as is, and it gets really funky if you run things from the path for whatever reason.

2002-11-01 10:09:34.143 python[700] An uncaught exception was raised
2002-11-01 10:09:34.149 python[700] Can't cache image
2002-11-01 10:09:34.150 python[700] *** Uncaught exception: <NSImageCacheException> Can't cache image
Trace/BPT trap

The first part, I don't know what to do about it, because that IS how the program launches it.  The second part though happens for EVERY game script I try and run.


Joshua Franklin
sadrith@onebox.com - email
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