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Re: [pygame] pygame on OSX (10.2.1)

> All you really need to do is add in -framework Cocoa to the link.. I 
> don't recall exactly where this happens, but it should be in 
> config_darwin.py

Thanks, Bob. I had to rebuild Python as a framework build (didn't know 
that a framework build was essential until this moment) and added 
'-Xlinker "-framework" -Xlinker "Cocoa"' to the SDL line in Setup. 
Afterward everything went smoothly, I was able to build pygame without 
any hassle from CVS and install it.

But that seems not to be the end of the journey. Starting any program 
from the examples folder results in following similar output:

[~]> /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin/python 
WARNING!  Running pygame apps from any method other than through 
python.app (aka through the finder or launchservices) is UNSUPPORTED!
           If you insist on using the terminal, type "open 
/Users/kaweh/Projects/pygame/examples/stars.py", and hold down the 
option key if you need to
           specify additional command line arguments.  A dialog box will 
pop up and make you happy, I promise.

           I sure hope you ran as 
/Users/kaweh/Projects/pygame/examples/stars.py" exactly, otherwise you 
will really have problems.
           WindowServer doesn't like what you're doing as is, and it 
gets really funky if you run things from the path for whatever reason.

2002-11-09 01:54:13.076 python[16245] An uncaught exception was raised
2002-11-09 01:54:13.127 python[16245] Can't cache image
2002-11-09 01:54:13.134 python[16245] *** Uncaught exception: 
<NSImageCacheException> Can't cache image
Trace/BPT trap

That's it. I tried to start the examples through various means: 
PythonLauncher, Terminal, directly accessing Python.app... but without 
any success. Does someone know what I'm doing wrong. I am nearly there 
to run pygame within OSX.

Thanks for any hints.


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