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Re: delayed blit was (Re: [pygame] aargh, performance)

well, both layers are moving, depending on the player movement,
so I think renderupdates will be out of the question ?

the backgroundlayer is a sky with clouds, and the layer on top of that has
but, it is a large map with a lot of transparancy. I guess i would have to
something manually that divides the screen in rough rects depending on the
layer, there will be some overlap, but this way i could leave out large
of the background layer that do not need blitting because the top layer
covers them
and could leave out large portions of the top map that are transparant
though i'm not sure how to do it yet, i think it will boost performance ?

regards, Rob

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Subject: delayed blit was (Re: [pygame] aargh, performance)

> Wonder if a screen blit which waits till update/flip
> before actually blitting would be useful.  It would
> only draw the last blitted areas when multiple blits
> cover one area.
> There is the alpha problem, in that you can not do
> that reliably as you can not know without extra work.
> eg if two alpha images are blit in the same place and
> the second image is mostly transparent, then we should
> see most of the first image.  However with this blit
> method it would not show the first image at all.
> Or is something like this allready around in
> RenderUpdates ?
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