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Re: [pygame] Fast Scrolling

 --- Guillaume Proux <gproux@acesoliton.com> wrote: >
Rene Dudfield wrote:
> > pete's is 60fps when not moving, and 52fps when
> moving
> > the mouse like crazy.
> > 
> > yours is 40 fps when still, 33 fps when moving.
> Interestingly, on both my PC:
> - AMD K500, Win98
> - Celeron 1 Ghz, Win2000
> Mine is always quicker than Pete's (and by a large
> amount

I guess the hardware acceleration is working on your
box, and that blitting one large image is faster.

Have you tried pete's with

> Wonder what is your config and how come things are
> not
> that nice on your machine.

I think it's because the machine I use doesn't have
working hardware acceleration (linux, duron 850, gf2,

> The fact that I always blit only one screen size
> object
> when not moving while whatever happens Pete's draws
> as many
> tiles as there are in the screen..... hum...
> I know that my offscreen rebuilding routine could
> get a bit smarter,
> but I don't want to get headaches trying to push
> "map" into that.
> Wonder if I am not better off writing my tile engine
> in C

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