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Re: [pygame] Tiling routine: my soccer demo

On Sun, 24 Nov 2002 05:33 am, Guillaume Proux wrote:
> here is a link:
> http://www.acesoliton.com/~gproux/pygame.html
> This is NOT a soccer game project but if I find the time, it might
> seriously start one from this....
> I wait for any comment or criticism.

It's nice and smooth, but there's a problem with a black line across the 
bottom of the screen (both windowed and FS) that's not being draw to, and if 
blocks wander down into it, they smudge and aren't cleared correctly.

I get 29FPS or so, 44FPS if I run windowed and the window is hidden :)

This is on a P-III 450 with an s3 Trio 3D (the cheapest card I could buy at 
the time about three years ago :) I don't believe it has hardware-accelerated 
_anything_ ... you should see it when X wants to redraw my 1280x1024 screen - 
I can watch the copy operations in progress :)


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