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[pygame] pygame/pyobjc eats keys for subordinate process

I'm not sure if this is a pygame question or a pyobjc question, either could be causing the problem I'm currently debugging.

I'm invoking the Kagi purchase system from within my game. It opens a window, and I can click on the buttons and such, but all keystrokes are gobbled by the game before the Kagi window sees them. I've checked this by watching the events. If I bring other applications forward, they respond to the keyboard, just fine.

I've turned 'grabbing' off. And there doesn't seem to be a way to 'give up' keyboard focus. (there's only the key.get_focused method) Are there other places/docs I should be looking? I'm hoping that I might find a cocoa call that will give the sub-window full control over events.

I'm very close to shipping my adventure game, and this may be the last obstacle... yada,yada FLW! Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Keith Nemitz
Mousechief Co.