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Re: [pygame] CDROM Module to calc a freeDB DiscID ???

From: "genrich" <Genrich@gmx.net>
To: <pygame-users@seul.org>
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: [pygame] CDROM Module to calc a freeDB DiscID ???

> Dmitry Borisov schrieb:
> >>I try to generate the freeDB DiscID with the pygame CDROM Module...
> >
> > The first thing I saw was you need lead in and lead out to calc it
> Hm... is that a general problem with pygame's CDROM-Modul???
> i use your source, but the ID No. from "Depeche Mode" - "Speak & Spell"
> 1660956944
> 0x63003110L

Sorry I forgot about the mutliplier. I took that code from pycar.
Here is the corrected last line:

print '%x' % getDiskId( [ ( cd.get_track_start( x )*75,
cd.get_track_length( x )*75 ) for x in xrange( cd.get_numtracks() ) ] )