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Re: [pygame] opengl ES 2.0 for python/pygame?


As far as I know, pygame does not interface with opengl ES 2.0 nor have there been plans to make them work together.


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Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 10:51 AM
Subject: [pygame] opengl ES 2.0 for python/pygame?


i really like webgl but of course i like python and pygame more than _javascript_. :)

is it possible to use opengl ES 2.0 with python/pygame somehow? are there any ideas in that direction? just curious...

i know that opengl ES 2.0 is a subset of the huge messy opengl but i also read that there are subtle differences in shader programming for example. so it would be kind of cool if the real opengl ES 2.0 could be used with python.

wouldn't an opengl ES 2.0 wrapper for python also be much more maintainable? since it would be much smaller than pyopengl?

i am also looking forward to the raspberry pi. it will support opengl ES 2.0 and python will be a prominent language on it.