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[pygame] pygame vs py-sdl2 comparison

Hi, here are some simple comparison files I've worked on. The files are intended to be a near line-by-line comparison of doing the same thing in pygame, and Marcus's interface on SDL 2.0.

Example 1, open a blank window.

Example 2, draw some things. I'm not done with this one.

Marcus has done great work with py-sdl2. I plan on continuing to look at pygame and py-sdl2 in comparison.

Some things aren't obvious. Like how to draw a rectangles or ellipsis with thick borders. Also an ellipse in SDL 2.0 has a different outline than PyGame.

I'd really like to see an all inclusive Windows installer for PySDL 2. Install Python, install py-sdl2, and be ready to code. Not worry about external DLLs. I keep hoping Marcus will come up with one, but I might need to if he doesn't.

Paul Vincent Craven