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[school-discuss] Re: Reminder: Monthly IRC meeting on the 22nd

on Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 09:02:03PM -0700, Karsten M. Self (kmself@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> It's that time of the month again -- Schoolforge's April IRC meeting.
> Meetings are on the 22nd of each month at 4:30 UTC and 16:30 UTC.  That's
> 2 days from today.
>    Where:  irc.freenode.net #schoolforge
>    When:   April 22, 04:30 and 16:30 UTC (local times below)
>    What:   topic is whatever strikes your fancy.
>    Who:    You!
>    How:    If you haven't used IRC before, clients include:
>            Chatzilla (Mozilla), XChat (Linux, Windows), irssi
>            (Linux), MIRC (Windows).  There's more general
>            information at
>            http://www.infoanarchy.org/wiki/index.php/Using_IRC
> Some international local times:
>     Location                      4:30 UTC               16:30 UTC
>     --------                      --------               ---------
>     Africa/Johannesburg     Fri Apr 22 06:30 SAST  Fri Apr 22 18:30 SAST  
>     America/Sao_Paulo       Fri Apr 22 01:30 BRT   Fri Apr 22 13:30 BRT   
>     Asia/Calcutta           Fri Apr 22 10:00 IST   Fri Apr 22 22:00 IST   
>     Australia/Perth         Fri Apr 22 12:30 WST   Sat Apr 23 00:30 WST   
>     Australia/Sydney        Fri Apr 22 14:30 EST   Sat Apr 23 02:30 EST   
>     Europe/London           Fri Apr 22 05:30 BST   Fri Apr 22 17:30 BST   
>     Europe/Moscow           Fri Apr 22 08:30 MSD   Fri Apr 22 20:30 MSD   
>     Europe/Rome             Fri Apr 22 06:30 CEST  Fri Apr 22 18:30 CEST  
>     Japan                   Fri Apr 22 13:30 JST   Sat Apr 23 01:30 JST   
>     ROC                     Fri Apr 22 12:30 CST   Sat Apr 23 00:30 CST   
>     US/Eastern              Fri Apr 22 00:30 EDT   Fri Apr 22 12:30 EDT   
>     US/Pacific              Thu Apr 21 21:30 PDT   Fri Apr 22 09:30 PDT   

Oh wow, cron works ;-)

I thought I'd toss out some possible topics for discussion, mostly based
on my own selfish interests:

  - I've been working with a local school that's open (at the local LAN
    admin and district tech) level to GNU/Linux, though moderately
    concerned about possible security implications.  I'd like to discuss
    some "how do I address the question of 'what risks does GNU/Linux on
    my network present?'" type issues.  I'd really like to focus on
    easing concerns rather than pushing ideologies -- this is more a
    comfort than confound issue.

  - Curricula!  Source materials for teaching.  The "Hacking High
    School" materials posted to Slashdot a week or so back are pretty
    good -- I've been through most of them, and they look like they'd be
    good for a couple of months (at least) worth of curriculum.  Other
    sources welcomed.

  - LTSP-type stuff.  I'm still (on an off-and-on basis) trying to grok
    what's going on.  I'd also like to work within Debian.  And I'm
    finding the LTSP stuff either short on technical specifics or dense
    reading on the topic.  Conceptually, the idea of a netboot + XDMCP
    deployment doesn't sound _that_ hard....  I've got a inetd-based VNC
    server set up, which is pretty slick, but would prefer having a
    secured connection.

  - Classroom experiences.  What sorts of settings are people working
    in, what works, what doesn't.  I'm in a small (6-8 students) class,
    high-school level, all years.  Kids vary in skills and interest,
    though they mostly seem to enjoy having me around.

Other concepts of course welcomed, though posting here might help us
formulate some ideas.

I'll be on the 04:30 UCT session (class conflicts with 16:30).  I'm
'karsten' at irc.freenode.net, ping at me.

Also:  _raz_ (Marcus) is currently the only op for #freenode.  If he's
on this list and/or could be asked to either set /topic or share ops,
noting that the monthly meeting is tonight would be appreciated.  Also
if he'd register his nick, we could memo him.


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